For thirty-eight years I have been dedicated to improving the foot-health of my patients.

Every problem presented is given equal attention and care, whether it be toenail cutting or surgery.

Some problems are “curable” while in other cases it is a matter of seeking the best overall improvement possible within the scope of a chronic condition. I advocate for multidisciplinary care and I see my role as part of the “team” of practitioners who look after your health care, including your general practitioner, specialists, physiotherapists, nurse practitioners, pedorthists etc. When unusual or unfamiliar symptoms are presented I will endeavor to find the answer or necessary information , or refer the patient on for additional consultation and opinions.

Listening to the patient is key to developing the history necessary to make a good diagnosis. For a skilled practitioner, most diagnoses are gleaned from the patient history and examination, while diagnostic tests (radiological studies, labs etc.) are used to support or clarify the diagnosis.

Whilst there is an abundance of information available via the Internet regarding specific ailments, conditions and treatment recommendations, there is no substitute for a personal consultation and professional opinion.

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